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Client-Server Multimedia Streaming

In the client-server multimedia streaming, each client requests and obtains what it wants directly from the streaming server. Client-server based multimedia streaming has been widely deployed over the Internet. With this approach, each client requests and obtains what it wants directly from the streaming server. The server is responsible for managing and allocating resources for streaming […]

HTTP Basics in delivering the content worldwide

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. Since the dawn of the Internet, HTTP has been playing a key role in delivering the content worldwide. In simple terms, you can consider HTTP as a set of rules for transferring files. If you notice carefully while browsing a website, you will find that there are files (like […]

Advantages of Nginx Plus

Nginx is a reliable solution for any website or service that is looking for scalability, high performance, and reliable solutions. You can download it directly from the website and build the binaries yourself as discussed earlier. However, there are a few modules that are not available unless you licence Nginx Plus. The key difference here […]

Differences between Apache and Nginx

Nginx and Apache are both versatile and powerful web servers. Together they serve more than 70 percent of the top million websites. At times they compete, but often they are found complementing each other. One important thing to point out here is that they are not entirely interchangeable. You will need to pick them up […]

Seven Reasons Why You Should Be Using Nginx

Making a decision about which server to choose is often a debatable subject. Even more, the IT pros typically get used to working with specific software. Nginx acts as a complementary solution to most web servers. The idea is not to replace your existing infrastructure completely, but to augment it with Nginx in ways that […]

What Is a Web Server ?

In simple words, a web server is a server that hosts an application that listens to the HTTP requests. It is the web server’s responsibility to hear (i.e., to understand HTTP) what the browser is saying, and respond appropriately. Sometimes, it could be as simple as fetching a file from the file system and delivering […]

What is Shared Hosting ?

In shared hosting the client ‘rents’ pure virtual storage space shared by multiple users. A ‘shared server’ is comparable to storage space rented for gold shares acquired on the stock market, where the actual gold is held at Fort Knox, presupposing that Fort Knox holds privately owned gold rather than USA Federal gold reserves. In […]