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Reducing Software Costs and Improving Performance with Server Based Computing

Classroom computing in graduate education continues to grow as more and more schools include the use of sophisticated software programs in their curriculums. Unfortunately many of these statistics and modeling applications are quite expensive and require significant processing power. The Graduate School of Business and Public Policy at the Naval Postgraduate School is using server-based […]

Efficient and Robust Streaming Provisioning in virtual private networks

Today, most large companies maintain virtual private networks (VPNs) to connect their remote locations into a single secure network. VPNs can be quite large covering more than 1000 locations and in most cases use standard Internet protocols and services. Such VPNs are implemented using a diverse set of technologies such as Frame Relay, MPLS, or […]

Cryptographic Strength of The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) Servers

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and its variant, Transport Layer Security (TLS), are used toward ensuring server security. In this paper, we characterize the cryptographic strength of public servers running SSL/TLS. We present a tool developed for this purpose, the Probing SSL Security Tool (PSST), and evaluate over 19,000 servers. We expose the great diversity […]

Game server selection for single or multiple players

The increasing growth in computer networks has brought with it an increase in the interest and importance of online games. Most commercial games use a client-server architecture and many allow the players to connect their clients to their choice of game server. Given that players can also deploy their own server, many games provide players […]

Dedicated Server Selection in Online Games

Online gameplay is impacted by the network characteristics of players connected to the same server. Unfortunately, the network characteristics of online game servers are not well-understood, particularly for groups that wish to play together on the same server. As a step towards a remedy, this paper presents analysis of an extensive set of measurements of […]