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Windows Server 2003 Versions and our experience over the last years

Windows Server 2003 Web Edition As you saw earlier, the only way to use Windows 2000 Server as a web server in a cluster was by using the Application Center and the Network Load Balancing features it offers. In the Windows Server 2003 family, one version, the Web Edition, is designed for providing web serving […]

Windows Server 2003 Family

With the computing world becoming more and more distributed, the need for integrating IT systems grows with it. Enterprises must offer personnel in various locations the same services as those available at headquarters. For example, with the connectivity possibilities these days, the need to distribute a complete product catalog to every salesperson, regardless of location, […]

Windows 2000 Server Family

All Windows 2000 Server versions come with a built-in web server: Internet Information Services 5.0, also referred to as IIS. In Windows NT 4.0, this web server was called Internet Information Server 4.0 and came with the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack. Note the difference: Now it is a service, before it was a server—just […]

Client-Server Multimedia Streaming

In the client-server multimedia streaming, each client requests and obtains what it wants directly from the streaming server. Client-server based multimedia streaming has been widely deployed over the Internet. With this approach, each client requests and obtains what it wants directly from the streaming server. The server is responsible for managing and allocating resources for streaming […]

What Is a Web Server ?

In simple words, a web server is a server that hosts an application that listens to the HTTP requests. It is the web server’s responsibility to hear (i.e., to understand HTTP) what the browser is saying, and respond appropriately. Sometimes, it could be as simple as fetching a file from the file system and delivering […]

Reducing Software Costs and Improving Performance with Server Based Computing

Classroom computing in graduate education continues to grow as more and more schools include the use of sophisticated software programs in their curriculums. Unfortunately many of these statistics and modeling applications are quite expensive and require significant processing power. The Graduate School of Business and Public Policy at the Naval Postgraduate School is using server-based […]