What is Colocation ?

Colocation may be compared to parking your car in a privately owned parking lot. The car belongs to you and you are entitled to do whatever you please with your car, for example, change its colour, add special features, overhaul the engine, add specialised bucket seats, etc. The privately owned parking lot is merely a place where you can safely store your car and the ‘fee’ you pay relates to the storage of your car because you choose not to leave your vehicle parked on the public streets. ‘Parking lots’ may offer additional services to make their parking space more attractive than other parking lots, for example, a car wash service. The fact that the parking lot may wash your car does not mean that they have control or retain any rights over your car.
The acquisition of physical server equipment requires a ‘parking space’ similar to the needs of the vehicle, but the fact that the server is being ‘parked’ at GOGOLALA PTY LTD does not prevent the server owner from doing as he wishes to the physical hardware just as the vehicle owner may overhaul the engine of the vehicle. In terms of colocation GOGOLALA PTY LTD is merely the ‘parking lot’ for fully owned ‘servers’. GOGOLALA PTY LTD may ‘service’ the physical hardware and ensure that the server operates, but such service is additional service analogous to the additional service offered by the parking lot.

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